November 15-18, 2018
Egypt International Exhibition Centre (EIEC)
Mosheer Corridor ¨C New Cairo ¨C Egypt
Why exhibit?

Why you should not miss the fair

  • The professional fair that meets the market demand In the past five years, many of the woodworking companies have participated in MACTECH, the biggest metal working machinery show in Egypt, as there was no professional wood exhibition before 2017. This year the Woodworking and Furniture suppliers Fair (WFF) is designed by the market request.
  • Cooperation with MACTECH Leveraging the collaboration with MACTECH, WFF 2018 will be held by IFG, the professional exhibition organizer in Egypt with more than 20 years¡¯ experience, which will ensure the success of WFF. 
  • Real and large audience Many of the distributors of metal working industry also collaborate with woodworking industry. Our exhibitors will benefit from this overlap to quickly approach their targeted distributors, suppliers and customers, hence optimize business effects of the exhibition.  
  • The promising market opportunities Cairo, Egypt is located in the heart of Asia, Africa and Europe, which makes Cairo a perfect exhibition location to enter markets in Egypt and its surrounding area.

Market in Egypt

The Egyptian furniture industry has quickly expanded in the last decade. Between fiscal 1987/88 and 1995/96, the overall production rose from 102.7 million to 329.4 million, which represents an average annual growth rate of over 30 percent for the period. In 2016, wood imports has reached over 1.365 Billion USD, and wood-based furniture domestic production is valued at USD 750 million.

Egypt¡¯s exports of wood furniture are distributed among the three global regional markets of the Middle East, the European Union (EU), and North America. Together these three regional markets absorb 75 percent of Egypt¡¯s total wood furniture exports. The other important market is Russia, which currently absorbs about 10 percent of Egypt¡¯s wood furniture exports.

At least 500 million USD of furniture products is required in Egypt market, and 70% of woodworking machinery, furniture material will be imported from other countries. Moreover, Egyptian government has implement advantageous policies to make Egypt a strategic hub that connect woodworking industries in Asia, Africa and Europe.